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07/06/09 02:51 PM #57    


Karen Bier

Great party Saturday night. What a success! It was so much fun. Everyone was so happy, I didn't see one long face. I hope that I got the chance to see everyone. I didn't recognize some of you, that's what made it fun! It would be fabulous if someone could hold a BBQ over the summer for a casual get-together. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon. Teresa, once again, you stole the show! xoxoxox

07/07/09 10:31 PM #58    

Heidi Luongo (Petschauer)

Thanks to all those people involved in organizing our 30 year reunion. It was a fun evening, and a real "flash from the past". I had a great time reconnecting with many of you, and am sorry that I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone. Looking forward to checking out people's photos on this site.(I forgot to bring a camera). Take care of yourselves...and hope to see you all in another 10!

07/08/09 02:51 PM #59    

Anne Nilsson

It looks like the reunion was a great success!! Sorry to have missed it. I was wondering, for those of us that couldn't make the reunion, would it be possible to label some of the photos?

07/09/09 02:07 AM #60    

Celeste Soong-Tang (Soong-Tang)

Many thanks to the reunion committee for spending countless hours of work putting together a fabulous party. And what a party it was!!! It was SO much fun reconnecting with everyone. My only regret is that I wasn't able to talk to everyone.
My plan is to put together a digital scrapbook of the event and I will let you know when it is completed so you can take a peek. I would love to include any comments on the message forum or you can send me comments directly.
And if you have some great photos you'd like to share, send them directly to me at
Hope to see you at the next reunion!

07/12/09 01:15 AM #61    

Nicole Soong (Chang)

The reunion was a BIG success!
Thanks to everyone who helped pull it together. It was great to see some familiar faces and reminisce about our high school days. Just wish I had more time to chat with each person. I had a blast. I've set up a website with pictures we took. Hope to see you all before the 35th...


07/13/09 12:16 AM #62    

Carol Mar (Murray)

it was great seeing so many familiar faces and reconnecting with so many others.
had a lot of laughs catching up with everyone and i must say everyone looked "terrific"
thanks gord for the website, it's a great way of keeping in touch with everyone.
nicole - love the earrings

07/13/09 01:25 PM #63    

Susan Hollenberg

Thanks again everyone on the committee and everyone who came for making this such a fun evening. It really was great seeing everyone and hearing about your lives. 1979 didn't seem so long ago, for a few days!
Susan Hollenberg

07/16/09 11:02 PM #64    

Alan Diamond

I'm sorry that I missed the reunion. The pictures are terrific. Thanks for posting them. I have really enjoyed visiting this website (again and again). Has it really been 30 years? G-d willing, I won't miss the 40th!

07/21/09 09:14 PM #65    


Dianna Molnar (Miller)

Oh I really wish I could have been there, I was planning on it but so many things came up these past two months. I will attend the 35th (god willing). I love the photos some of you have not changed one bit (wish I could say the same for me, ha ha)it look like everyone had a blast!!!!

p.s. Gord is there somewhere I can send some money to help with the website? email me!!

07/23/09 04:41 AM #66    


Karen Bier

Friends, please send Nicole your reunion pictures!

08/05/09 07:32 AM #67    

Bob Bonkowski

I am so frustrated that I missed the party of the Century!!!! 2009
Read all the comments, hear lot's of great things. Wish I was there. BUT!!!
If anyone is interested to get together for a BBQ in August. LET'S DO IT!!! It would be great to see some old faces. I will be back on Thursday(I think 2pm comming from Germany) the 6th of Aug. til the 26th. From the 10th to the 13/14, I'm in Whistler for a freestyle Mtnbike Event. The rest is open.
Hope to see some of you this summer.
Tel: in Richmond 604-276 9443

08/18/09 08:06 PM #68    

Evangeline Tai

Gord, thanks for your help.
Sorry to have missed the reunion again. Thanks for posting the photos. Looked like everyone had so much fun. Thanks also for setting up this website. It's been great connecting with so many of you again.

09/05/09 05:00 PM #69    

Julie Takahashi (Kiechle)

Well this message may look like Julie Kiechle or Juliette Takahashi but the fingers on the keyboard behind the screen are actually that of Marta Zilberts. Makes me kinda feel like one of those "keyloggers" in some sort of way but have NO ID worries, I'm just here to look at the pictures. I see I need to go to Shutterfly. Really great to see everyone again, before another 10 years goes by I hope everyone can find the time to post high school and recent pics, I could use the practice. Hope I didn't offend anyone by not being able to recognise you! Sorry Gord, the new password was also rejected. I really don't like to bug you with Emails as I know you have better things to do. "Message" to you all later - Marta

09/05/09 05:17 PM #70    

Julie Takahashi (Kiechle)

Hello Everyone ! It's Marta again signing in as Juliette Takahashi. I was just at Shutterfly. I clicked on the comunity tab and conducted various searches for hamber79reunion. Nothing was found. When I type in the full address from my browser,, I only get as far as the shutterfly homepage. I'd really like to see the pics ! If anyone can lend some computer competency skills it would be greatly appreciated. My Email is as I am unable to see any messages sent to my name. Thanks and Ciao for now ! - Marta

05/27/14 07:39 PM #71    

Brad Wainwright

Hi guys, Brad here... what happened to Brian Skipper and Doug Shellard, Scott Abrahamson and Gary Chohan?  They're all waaaay too young to be deceased..  Hard to read the site and see people that young gone.  Sorry I can't be at the 35th reunion, but I'm plannning for the 40th.  Be safe, eh?  Brad

05/28/14 10:34 AM #72    

Heidi Luongo (Petschauer)

Hi Brad, It's unfortunate that you won't be able to make the reunion but great to hear from you!

I agree that hearing of the passing of some of our fellow grads is disturbing. I am unaware of any details in regards to illnesses they may have had etc. Either way, it is very sad and my heart goes out to their families. We are definitely getting older, but have hope for lots of life, and good times ahead.

Perhaps we will catch you at the next reunion...Until then stay well. Heidi Luongo ( Petschauer)

05/29/14 12:37 AM #73    

Judi Roytenberg (Jaeger)

I'm sorry to miss the 35th reunion. I only just learned about it and can't make it to Vancouver. I'll be at the 40th for sure. Have fun and post some photos. 

Judi Jaeger (Roytenberg)

05/29/14 09:31 AM #74    

Rami Silverman

I will not be attending this year's reunion as I will be Rio for the World Cup. Have a great time!

05/29/14 07:17 PM #75    

Clive Johnston

Hello Judi and Rami, thanks for the response.  If you have any connections on Facebook to EH79ers it would be great if you could post the reunion date (July 12th, 2014) and locaiton (Elephant & Castle 385 Burrard St.).

Thanks again and we will be sure to post some photos from the event!


05/30/14 12:33 PM #76    

Jackie Andrews (Krystal)

I missed the 30th reunion; looking forward to the 35th. Thanks to Nicole, Heidi and Clive for organizing the event.

06/01/14 10:25 AM #77    

Brenda Archer (Smith)

I'm sorry to miss our 35th reunion.  We're on holidays. It would have been great to see everyone!

06/18/14 02:49 AM #78    

Ed Wong

Anybody wanna join me FORE a day of golf as my guest. I am looking to fill 3 spots in my team for the Coquitlam Classic Mayor's Golf Tournament. The date is Wed, July 9th at Westwood Plateau. It's an all day event with a shotgun start at 12 noon and dinner finishing around 8:30. Brunch is served starting at 10:30am and the Beverage Cart, including alcohol, is all complimentary. It's a fun tournament and Westwood is an awesome course to play. The costs are all covered. If you can play, let me know.

06/23/14 02:18 PM #79    

Clive Johnston

Hi Ed, thanks so much...this sounds great...count me in.  Thanks.  Clive.


06/24/14 12:49 AM #80    

Holly Kennedy/Pickerill

Ok been really out of touch but I am making the trek to Vancouver to join the fun on the 12 th , Holly (Pickerill) Kennedy 

06/25/14 05:44 AM #81    

Milan Sangulin

I am scheduled to arrive from Croatia with my family at 17:10 that evening, so barring any mishaps, I plan to be fashionably late!  My last reunion was in 1989, so I am looking forward to this one.

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